" How balanced is the Circle of my Life? "
Measure your Physical Health pillar.

"Embark on a transformative journey with 'Unlocking Physical Wealth,' a comprehensive program designed to elevate every facet of your life through prioritizing physical well-being. This initiative is a strategic investment in the foundational cornerstone of health, ensuring not just vitality but paving the way for a life brimming with fulfillment and prosperity. Dive into a holistic approach that aligns the body, mind, and spirit for lasting wellness and unparalleled success."







Categories of Physical Health


Physical Fitness

Weight Management


Pre & Post Pregnancy

Alternative Medicine

Sleep Insomnia

Lifestyle Diseases

Trichology (Hair Care)

Dermatology (Skin Care)

Fundamentals of Physical Health

Proper Nutrition

Proper Sleep

Health Literacy

Proper Training & Movement

Healthy Environment (People & Place)

An Understanding of Energy Systems (Break Down & Repair)

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